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Christian Healing Associates (CHA) is a registered charity dedicated to fostering the ministry of healing through prayer and the sacraments and, as called for by Jesus when He instructed the apostles and then others (Matthew 10, Luke: 9 & 10), to announce the Kingdom (the now and the not yet), heal the sick and deliver the oppressed, and to follow all that he commanded (Matthew 28: 20).

CHA is comprised of an enthusiastic Board of Directors and members drawn from the professions and business, working under the leadership of Ted and Carol Ward. CHA operates the School of Healing Prayer in Toronto (SHPT) which trains, develops and maintains healing prayer ministry teams. CHA is actively promoting the development in Toronto of an integrated centre for healing and wholeness.





Ted and Carol Ward are co-founders and Board members of CHA and work as a team in the leadership of the SHPT.  Ted is a science graduate of the University of Toronto and also received a diploma at graduate level in Christian Studies from Wycliffe College, U of T.  He has participated in workshops and institutes on spirituality and healing in medicine at Harvard, Duke and George Washington medical schools. Ted served with the Federal government as commercial counsellor in London, U.K. and later as director general of a branch dealing with international trade and technology development. He later worked in industrial and investment realty

After several years of teaching high school English literature, Carol developed a career in business management. She became actively interested in the ministry of Christian healing frequently working with accredited psychotherapists. Carol subsequently relinquished her working career to devote her life to this calling.

Ted and Carol were instrumental in bringing the Alpha Course to Canada with a series of conferences across Canada commencing in 1996.   They have addressed conferences and workshops, and ministered both nationally and internationally, and are both members of the Association of Christian Therapists.

Christian Healing Associates, which began as The School of Healing Prayer in Toronto in 2001 and has seen some 700 participants, is dedicated to is dedicated to fostering the Christian ministry of healing.  Christian Healing Associatesí Board of Directors & Leadership Team is comprised of 20 Members.


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