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  Christian Spiritual Healing  
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  Exploring the Jesus model for ministry - Announcing God's
Kingdom, healing the sick, delivering the oppressed.
(Matthew 20, Luke 10)

Course Leaders

Ted & Carol Ward have been in the healing ministry for 25 years. In the mid 90s they were leaders in in the establishment of the Alpha Course in Canada with Nicky Gumbel. Then, following a challenge by Dr. Francis MacNutt (priest, theologian, author and world leader of Christian Healing Ministries, bringing the healing ministry of Jesus in today’s mainline churches) began and led the School of Healing Prayer in Toronto for 12 years with some 800 participants.

They are international speakers & workshop leaders

  Topics Include  
  Foundations of the Healing Ministry of Jesus
Theological foundations
Personal preparation
Understanding One’s Personal Identity
Physical Healing
Inner Healing (healing of memories)
Some blockages to Receiving Healing
Practicalities of Prayer Ministry
The Life-changing Role Holy Spirit in One’s Life and in Healing Ministry
Some Typical Presenting Issues
Healing Prayer by & for Everyone
  More than a course... it's an experience!  
  Who Should Attend?

• Prayer ministers, lay readers and those involved in front line ministries
• Those who feel called to bring the love & healing of Jesus to others
• Those who simply want to find out what this is all about
• Those who are seeking healing in their own lives
• Those in leadership in the church of Jesus Christ

  Recommended Reading  
  Healing by Francis MacNutt